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DNA18, August 14-17

Invited speakers

  • Grzegorz Rozenberg (Turing Centenary Lecture): Processes inspired by interactions of chemical reactions in living cells
  • Drew Berry: Visualisations of the molecular machines that create flesh and blood
  • Jeremy Gunawardena: Protein computing
  • Radhika Nagpal: The TERMES Project: An expedition in large-scale self-assembly
  • Peng Yin: Modular Self-assembly of Molecular Shapes

Tutorial talks

  • Milan Stojanovic: Aptamers in Sensing and Molecular Computing
  • Damien Woods: A crash course in the theory of computing

Contributed talks

  • Jean Michel Arbona, Juan Elezgaray and Jean Pierre Aimé: Modelling the folding of DNA origami
  • Bingling Li, Xi Chen, Jeremy McLain, Neima Briggs, Peter Allen, Yu Sherry Jiang, Sanchita Bhadra and Andrew Ellington: Application of nucleic acid circuitry to molecular diagnostics
  • Eugen Czeizler and Alexandru Popa: Synthesizing Minimal Tile Sets for Complex Patterns in the framework of Patterned DNA Self-Assembly
  • Lila Kari and Steffen Kopecki: Deciding if a Regular Language is Generated by a Splicing System
  • Mauricio Pilo-Pais, Sarah Goldberg, Enrique Samano, Thom Labean and Gleb Finkelstein. Connecting the Nanodots:  Programmable Nanofabrication of Fused Metal Shapes on DNA Templates
  • Teruo Fujii and Yannick Rondelez: Predator-Prey DNA oscillators
  • Maasa Yokomori, Osamu Gotoh and Akira Suyama: Genome and transcriptome analysis using code words for DNA computing
  • Robert Brijder, Joris Gillis and Jan Van Den Bussche: A type system for DNAQL
  • Xiaojin He, Yongli Mi, Dong Lei and Nian Lin: A Smallest 3D Polyhedron Folded by a Single-Strand DNA
  • Lasse L. Hildebrandt, Zhao Zhang, Kurt V. Gothelf and Victoria Birkedal: A DNA actuator with 11 states studied by single molecule FRET microscopy
  • Carsten Svaneborg, Harold Fellermann and Steen Rasmussen: DNA Self-Assembly and Computation Studied with a Coarse-grained Dynamic Bonded Model
  • Iñaki Sainz de Murieta and Alfonso Rodrí­guez-Patón: Probabilistic reasoning with a Bayesian DNA device based on strand displacement
  • Max Garzon: A Geometric Approach to Gibbs Energy Landscapes and Optimal DNA Codeword Design
  • Pakpoom Subsoontorn: Scaling up geneticall encoded data storage
  • Anne Condon, Bonnie Kirkpatrick and Jan Manuch: Reachability bounds for chemical reaction networks and strand displacement systems
  • Monica Ortiz and Drew Endy: Engineered transmission of DNA messages among bacteria
  • Ho-Lin Chen, David Doty and David Soloveichik: Deterministic Function Computation with Chemical Reaction Networks
  • Nathanael Aubert, Yannick Rondelez, Teruo Fujii and Masami Hagiya: Enforcing delays in DNA computing systems
  • Chris Thachuk and Anne Condon: Space and energy efficient computation with DNA strand displacement systems
  • Petr Sulc, Thomas Ouldridge, Flavio Romano, Ard Louis and Jonathan Doye: Coarse-grained model of DNA for DNA nanotechnology
  • Bahar Behsaz, Jan Manuch and Ladislav Stacho: Turing Universality at Temperature 1 in Step-wise and Stage Assembly
  • Anton Kan, Koh-Ichiroh Shohda and Akira Suyama: A DNA Based Molecular Logic Gate Capable of a Broad Class of Logical Operations

dnatec 2012, August 13

Invited speakers

  • Hao Yan: Designer DNA Architectures for Programmable Self-assembly
  • Masayuki Endo: Direct observation of single enzymatic and chemical reactions in the designed DNA nanostructures
  • Itamar Willner: Nanobiotechnology with DNA
  • Ned Seeman: Using DNA's Inherent Chemical Information to Control Structure
  • Andrew Turberfield: Molecular Machinery from DNA
  • William Shih: Self-assembled DNA-nanostructure tools for molecular biophysics
  • Chengde Mao: Self-Assembled DNA Nanocages
  • Andrew Ellington: DNA nanotechnology:  too small and too costly
  • Thom LaBean: Building Agency into Molecular Materials
  • Friedrich Simmel: DNA devices and circuits as components for cell-like microcompartments
  • Luc Jaeger: Is RNA self-assembly the same as DNA self-assembly?
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