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PhD Mini Course: Natural Computing - a formal framework for processes inspired by the functioning of living cells

Graduate School of Science and Technology, Aarhus University

Organized by the Bioinformatics Research Center BiRC, the Centre for Theory in Natural Sciences and the Department of Computer Science

Natural Computing is an interdisciplinary field of research that investigates human-designed computing inspired by nature as well as computation taking place in nature, i.e., it investigates models, computational techniques, and computational technologies inspired by nature as well as it investigates phenomena/processes taking place in nature in terms of information processing.

The course is of a tutorial style and self-contained, in particular no knowledge of biochemistry is required. The course is aimed at PhD students, but is also open to other students and researchers. It is of interest to computer scientists and mathematicians interested in formal models of computation as well as to bioinformaticians, biochemists, and biologists interested in foundational/formal understanding of biological processes.

Lecturer: professor Grzegorz Rozenberg, Leiden University, The Netherlands, and University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.

Time: Monday August 6 2012 to Friday August 10 2012 (Lectures every day from 11 to 14)

Registration: by email to Anders Møller (

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