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Impromptu parallel sessions

What is an Impromptu Session?

The impromptu parallel sessions were introduced at last years DNA17 conference (here). It presents a unique opportunity for the conference participants to self-organize into discussion groups of their own interest. The general format is inspired by unconferences such as SciFoo and the name impromptu (wiki) refers to the improvised nature of such self-organized sessions. It can be very interesting and full of surprises. Because sessions are run in parallel, they can be personal and interactive.

How does it work?

Here's how it works. We've reserved several rooms, and have divided Friday afternoon (1:40-4:30pm) into four 40 minute periods. What happens is up to you. There will be a sign-up board were you can volunteer to lead a session on any topic you want. It could be, for example, a demonstration or tutorial on some software or theory or experimental technique that you really like. Or it could be a "birds of a feather" discussion on a general topic of interest, which you will moderate. Or it could be a late-breaking presentation of your research. But the sessions will be run in parallel, and people will gravitate toward whatever they find most interesting after a long conference, so shake it up a bit!

Ideas for sessions

Only four sessions have already been scheduled as the Friday workshop on Molecular design and animation. The other sessions will remain unscheduled until the conference begins, three sessions will be chosen and announced each day. Topics could be theoretical discussions, software demonstrations, presenting novel experimental techniques, and leading a discussion about molecular computation. Inspiration from last year can be found at these links: wiki and panel discussions.

Informal discussions

Right after the impromptu sessions there will be a bar from 4:30-6:00pm in the chemistry cantina, where you will have the possibility to continue discussions and say good bye.

Available rooms

  • Aud I
  • Aud II (1514-110)
  • Aud IV (1514-116)
  • Aud V (1514-121)
  • Meeting room (1511-416)
  • Mouse hole (1511-216)
  • Meeting room (1513-319)


Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4


Intro to design software
Your impromptu session Your impromptu session Your impromptu session
Maya workshop
Your impromptu session Your impromptu session Your impromptu session
mMaya workshop
Your impromptu session Your impromptu session Your impromptu session
Cadnano workshop and discussion
Your impromptu session Your impromptu session Your impromptu session
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